Finance for Beginners

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If you are someone who is:
  • Interested to know more about the lucrative field of finance
  • Eager to understand what goes on in the stock markets everyday
  • Curious to know what terms like “bulls”, “bears” etc mean
Then we at Mentored Research have a perfect answer for you - our 2 week "Finance for Beginners" program which will introduce you to some basic concepts in Finance and the Markets. We are offering this program for Rs 98 and reading materials will be shared with you everyday which can be easily accessed on your mobile, through WhatsApp. In addition to sharing with you reading material, we will also engage in answering your questions on 2 pre-fixed days during the program.

This is the schedule we will be following for sharing reading materials with you during the course:


Day Topic
Day 1 What is the History of Markets? What is an Asset?
Day 2 Equity Markets, Trading Stocks and Related Terms
Day 3 What is a Stock Exchange and the entities that interact with it?
Day 4 What is a Bank and what is its business?
Day 5 What is Gold Standard and why is it not used anymore?
Day 6 Role of Currency and Exchange Rate determination
Day 7 Q & A
Day 8 What is Mortgage and what kind of Financial Contract is it?
Day 9 Time Value of Money
Day 10 Introduction to Risk - Volatility and Standard Deviation
Day 11 Futures and Options - History and Purpose
Day 12 Jobs in Financial Trading
Day 13 Jobs in Investment Banking
Day 14 Q & A

So what are you waiting for? Register for the next edition of the course (July 21th - August 4th) today and embark on the journey to discovering the investor in you!

You can also send a WhatsApp text to the WhatsApp Group to register for this course.

Registration Link Please do note that we have very limited seats and hence it’s best you register immediately.