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The Technical Analysis Program is designed to impart skills that will enable participants to get started on technical trading in the stock markets. Through the program, participants are empowered to forecast future price activity of stocks based on historic market data, price, and volume information. Understanding the tools of technical analysis is crucial for a short-term investor; professionally, as a day trader and momentum trader; or personally as well.

Technical Analysis is a methodology for forecasting the direction of stock prices through the study of past market data, primarily price and volume. Learning Technical Analysis is a key step to take for any budding stock market trading enthusiast, be it to understand the Financial Industry to work as a technical analyst, broker or a risk manager or to actually trade in the markets.

Technical Analysis is used by most traders to identify entry and exit points, and even an experienced fundamentals-based investor who identifies stocks to buy based on their valuation, might actually make the purchase decision based on the Technicals.

Program Structure

The Technical Analysis Program is designed for beginners who are yet to explore the wide ocean of volatile stock markets, and requires no pre-requisites. The 4-6 week program covers Indicators, Oscillators, Moving Averages, Western technical patterns, Candlestick charting, and Ichimoku System. The assignments will be based on real world charts, and the participant, if sincere, will develop a keen understanding of the art of charting.

Program Support

The program is lead by Mr. Balkrishna Sadekar, the editor and founder of Profitable Candlestick Charting. He is a veteran trader who has published multiple books on Candlestick Charting techniques & Ichimoku Trading Technique. He is also a member of Technical Securities Analysts Association, which is one of the leading authorities for technical analysis in the United States.

Program Differentiators

Participants will have opportunities to interact with the veteran trader to understand the psychology of trading, the art of understanding the charts and more. By the end of the program, you will be empowered to forecast future price activity of stocks based on historic market data, price and volume information. It is designed to be flexible in terms of scheduling, so you can view the video lectures at your own schedule at any time, and plan your assignments within the pre-announced deadlines. The timings for our interactive sessions are announced in advance, giving you the opportunity to plan your schedule accordingly and take part in these interactive sessions.
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