Risk Management Program

Risk Management program, RMP for short, by Mentored-Research is a 6 weeks mentored programme offered exclusively by Mentored-Research. Lead by a Risk Management professional with years of industry experience, this programme is guranteed to give you a complete insight into the basics of Risk Management in industry.

Technical Analysis

The program Technical Analysis is designed to impart skills that will enable students to trade in the stock markets. The students are empowered to forecast future price activity of stocks based on historic market data, price and volume information. Understanding the tools of technical analysis is crucial for a short-term investor, professionally, as a day trader and momentum trader, or personally as well.

Equity Research Initiative

Equity Research Initiative, the flagship program of Mentored-Research, is a 6 week course designed to help participants in the art of smart and logical investing. This is done by dealing with an application-based approach to analyses of securities.

Management Consulting & Strategy

Introduction to Management Consulting & Strategy in Mentored Research will be your first step into the consulting world. This course is carefully designed by the industry experts to ensure you get a 360 degree view of consulting.